Land Fitness Classes

The YMCA health and wellness programs serve everyone from Teens to Active Older Adults with different classes and other programs designed especially for different skill levels and levels of conditioning. If you would like to check out a class, the first visit is on us! Member orientations for the cardio area and weight room are advised for every new member. Personal training is also available by appointment. Contact Karla for information at 224-1683 or karla@oaheymca.org.

Land Fitness Instructors:  Thank You For Your Loyalty To The OAHE YMCA

Tauna Wolf, Carmen Schwartzkopf, Mary Duvall, Mary Stadick Smith, Kay McLain, Anne Gormely,           Hannah Carda, Shavonne Mitchell, Heidi Brosz, Mary Schaefer, Tammy Darnall,       Shelly Anderson, Kiley Hump, Steve Barnett, Emily Decker, Jess Burchill, Kristen Jerome, Jill Richardson, Chelle Somsen, Carla Berry, Karen Rieser,

Personal Trainers:  Karla Seyer,  Gina Schuetzle

Orientation Trainers:  Bob Coolidge, Phil Sheffeild



Class Descriptions

(Most classes can be attended by most levels as long as you work at a pace that is safe for you)

Click the "Schedules" tab for the latest updates involving the group exercise schedule. Click on the date to see the classes offered on that day of the week.  The schedule can also be filtered by: Area, Time, Type, Class name.  To see only the fitness class schedule filter "Area" by Studio 1 and Studio 2.  To view an entire week of the schedule click on Print Schedule.


STRENGTH/CONDITION BASICS  Variety of exercises for strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, balance and endurance.   This class uses chairs, dumbbells, tubing bands, fit and medicine balls and more...

NON IMPACT CARDIO  Only 35 minutes of simple movements that elevate the heart rate while having fun with the moves.

YOGA/STRETCH  All levels love this class, that provides traditional stretching, yoga meditation and relaxation.

CHAIR YOGA  Gentle yoga done sitting in a chair, standing optional.  Anyone can do this class

SilverSneakers Classic  Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living.  Hand-held wights, elastic tubing with handles, a SilverSneakers ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.  Stop by the frond desk to see if you have the right insurance that will qualify you for a free YMCA membership and this wonderful class.



YOGA BASICS  Super class for those new to yoga and wanting a gentler approach to learning the most common yoga poses, at a pace that is right for you.  Monday Mornings @ 6:00am or try out the mid morning classes m-f.

CHAIR YOGA - Gentle form of yoga, stretch and breath.  Yoga poses and other exercises are performed in a chair and some standing if desired.

CORE/YOGA MIX  Express class held at noon.   Combinations of Pilates, Traditional and Creative Core, Yoga and so much more...You will love the never ending new stuff!

CORE MAX   Fresh Modern Core Exercises  Traditional Pilates and so much more.  This class reaches beyond basic Pilates, producing the umost challenge needed for core fitness.  Modifications are still part of all exercises performed.  Even your booty and thighs get worked.

YIN YOGA   Yoga poses held longer to promote stillness, calming & balancing of the mind & body.  Also for stress & anxiety reduction, increased circulation, improved flexibility, fascia release, greater joint mobility & balance to internal organs.  Wednesdays & Fridays 5:30pm    

HAHTA YOGA   This class imbraces most yoga styles and most levels.  It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and stretches in combination with pranayama (yoga breathing exercises), to develop flexibility and relaxation.  Classes will explore different series of postures and flow of movements.

VINYASA YOGA  A sequence of poses synchronizing the breath in conjunction with body movement.  The fluid movements increase flexibility, strength and stamina as it calms the mind and improves overall health.

YOGA/STRETCH  All levels love this class, that provides traditional stretching, yoga meditation and relaxation.   It not just for seniors.


BARRE TONING  Total body toning class, using light weights and higher reps.  Simple exercise to follow and great for any level.

KICBOX-STRENGTH BURN  Kickboxing/Strength combo class for shadow cardio boxing and total body strength, performing a one set burnout for lifting.  Class format will be rearranged and change up each week, keeping the class continually fresh.

Y-FIT  Boot camp and conditioning class.   Lots of variety for strength and endurance drills, plus other creative conditioning exercises.  This could be the challenge you have been waiting for! Intternediate to advanced levels.

KETTLEBELL STRENGTH  Fresh and super fun new way to strengthen the entire body.  The core really gets involved using the weight of the kettlebells.  Noon Thursdays Express & Mondays 4:15pm Cycle/Kettlebell Combo.  Many classes are offer some kettlebells, along with the regular formats.  

CHISEL or Chisel Express  The BEST...more sets, less reps and heavier weights.  It's time to step up the body sculpting workout.  Open to all levels as you will choose the weight loads that personally challenge you. 

BUST  This class has intervals of cardio and strength, 40 seconds on and 20 seconds rest.  After ever 5 weeks of a Chisel class you will find a Bust workout.  

NOON GROUP STRENGTH  Express class filled with total body strength training.  As you use dumbbells, pump bars, tubing bands, fit or medicine balls and a mat you will not only tone up the body you will burn calories as your heart rate elevates and metabolism improves.  Thursday is Kettlebell strength.

CYCLING  Nicest Bikes Ever-Keiser M3i  This is a super cardiovascular workout ,with out the impact to any joints.  Recharge your fitness levels with an indoor cycling class and you will not have to worry about weather, traffic or unsafe surfaces.  We have cycling only or combination classes...

CYCLING/TABATA or CYCLE & CORE  This intense class will combine so many minutes of cycling, with tabata and or core.    Wed. 4:30-5:15pm 

CYCLING/STRENGTH-(kettlebells)   Combine these two formats and get it all. Time flys and you will tone up and increase your heart rate for a total workout package in one.

CYCLING/CORE   Cardio cycling for a high heart rate and lots variety strengthening the your core.

CARDIO MIX- Tuesday Noons  Express class  Each week is a different form of one or more styles of cardio fitness, such as step with kick boxing, tabata with cycle, free style. The variety pleases all.

ZUMBA   It doesn't get any  better than this.   Latin and Hip Hop fun to energize your body from head to toe.  You are on a super high while dancing up a cardiovascular storm, in every workout. Take time to learn these choreographed dances and watch how you improve each week. 

YOUTH Programs

 Youth Sports/Fitness Classes held in the evenings.  Please check at the front desk for further info...

                           CLASS POLICIES & RULES for Land Fitness Classes   

1)  All Land and Water Group Exercise Classes are Free to YMCA members.  This does not include specialty classes, such as Event Workouts, Aerobathons, Holiday Classes.

2)  Nonmembers must pay $8.00 to attend any class.

3)  Anyone can try a new class our for Free, 1 time, before joining the YMCA

4)  Members may bring a family guest or in town friend to the YMCA.

5)  Please be punctual for all classes and sign in before entering each class.

6)  Some classes are limited in size so it is important to arrive early, to sign in for your spot.

7)  If you have to leave early from a class, it is appreciated to tell the instructor before the class starts.

8)  If you have any serious health problems, please share them with the instructor.

9)  If the weather  is a problem, the YMCA will close down the building.  Please watch for emails, facebook posting and  listen to the radio to hear of this report.  You can also call the YMCA.

10) If we have a last minute emergency and cannot find an instructor class will be cancelled and no calls will be made.  If there is time to cancel, we send out emails,  face book postings and make calls.

11) There is a minimum number of participants needed to hold a class.   It differs from one to another so your attendance is extremely important.  If class continues, to not meet the minimum number of participants, it will be cancelled.

12) Classes offered are based on member demand and instructor availability.  We have a goal to always provide the latest trends and to the needs of our class participants.

13) Most classes are created to work for all levels.  Please carefully read the class schedule and descriptions to determine if a class is right for you.  You can also contact Karla@OAHEYMCA.ORG  or the front desk for further questions.

14) Some classes are labeled for newer participants and it is important to try them 1st before attending an advanced class.