YMCA Swimming Lessons

Registration for the next session of Swim Lessons begins Monday, August 28th for members and Wednesday, August 30th for non-members.

Please call the YMCA at 224-1683 or email the Aquatics Director holly@oaheymca.org for information on instructors.

Lessons Requirements

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Participants in our Parent/Child, which is our infant/toddler program, must be at least 6 months of age, up until 5 years of age.

Participants in our Pre-School Aquatics program must be about 3 years old, up until 5 years of age. We offer 4 levels of pre-school levels.

Participants in our Youth Swim Lesson program, should be 6 years of age and older. We offer 6 levels of Youth Swim Lessons. Levels are grouped by ability.

PARENT OBSERVATION: Unless involved in the parent/child class, parents are not allowed to be on the YMCA pool deck. This is to provide your child with the best possible learning experience.  It is our ambition to help your child grow in their confidence and to progress with their skill level. Parents and guardians are to watch swimming lessons from the observation room located above the YMCA Pool.

PASSING CLASSES: It is not uncommon for a child to stay in a particular level several times before successful completion. It is natural for participants to develop motor skills and become comfortable with water at a different pace. Practicing skills during open and family swim is strongly recommended to improve swim skills.

MISSED CLASSES:Sorry, missed classes cannot be made up; nor are they refundable.

Why Choose YMCA Swim Lessons?

Parent/Child Swim Lessons

(6 months to 5 years old)
An adult must participate in the water with the child. The adult need not be a parent. This program builds swimming readiness by emphasizing fun in the water. Elementary skills are covered such as water entry, bubbles, front kicking, back floating, and underwater exploration. 

Preschool Swim Program 

If your child is between 3 and 5 years old look for Pike, Eel, Ray and Starfish. These have similar skills to the school aged classes but are geared for younger swimmers. If your child is 6 years old and older sign up for Polliwog, Guppy, Minnow, Fish Flying Fish, and Shark.

PIKE- Beginning Swimmer (Preschool 1)
Little swimmers develop safe pool habits, adjust to the water, and basic paddle stroke (front crawl). To progress, child must feel comfortable holding face in water while blowing bubbles, and must be able to float on their back.

EEL (Preschool 2)
Child is comfortable in the water. Swimmer is taught to kick, dive, float and paddle stroke (front crawl). To progress, child must swim across the pool without assistance with their face in the water.

RAY (Preschool 3)
Child can briefly swim independently without a floatation device.

STARFISH (Advanced Preschool)
Child improves stroke skills, builds endurance, and treads water. Child can swim on their front and back without assistance.

Youth Lessons (ages 6-14)

*If students have completed the RAY or Starfish level they skip Polliwog and move immediately to the GUPPY level.

POLLIWOG - Beginner (Level I)
Students become acquainted with the water, floatation devices, and pool. Students will learn paddle stroke, side and back paddle. To move to the next level they will need to swim across the pool with assistance with their face in the water.

GUPPY (Level 2)
Students are introduced to lead-up strokes: Front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. Before moving on students must swim the length of the pool without assistance.

MINNOW (Level 3)
Students further refine the lead-up strokes: Front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. To move to the next level they need to be comfortable swimming all strokes 25 yards.

FISH (Level 4)
Students work to perform the crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, back crawl stroke, and side stroke with turns. They are introduced to butterfly stroke. To advance, students must be able to swim all strokes 50 yards without stopping.

Perform the front crawl, back stroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, & breast-stroke; to advance student needs tread water for three minutes with combination kicks plus swim all strokes 100 yards.

SHARK (Level 6)
Swimmers focus on perfecting strokes and increasing endurance with open and flip turns. Students also learn advanced skills in boating, safety, and rescues. Perform front crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, & sidestroke with open turns; perform the butterfly.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Conquer Your Fear | Monday 7:15-8pm

Are you afraid to put your face in the water?  Have you had lessons but still don’t think you are a swimmer? Can you swim but never got the hang of the breathing? Do you think you will sink like a rock? Come and try a whole new way of learning to swim. Guaranteed to conquer your fear of water at your own pace. Contact Holly at 224-1683 or holly@oaheymca.org more information.

Member $19  Non-Member $38

Private Swim Lessons

Are you not able to make the scheduled swim lesson times? Have you always wanted to learn to swim but wanted to work at your own pace? Private lessons may be right for you. We offer private lessons for ALL ages to accommodate to your (and the instructors') schedule. Punch cards are for sale at the front desk which contain four 30 minute lessons.

Prices range from$56-$64 depending on the instructor. Contact Holly at 224-1683 or at holly@oaheymca.org for more information. 

Home School Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons, water safety, and water recreation for home-schooled students age 6 and up.  A great way to fulfill P.E. requirements.  Beginners will get comfortable in the water and learn basic skills. Intermediate will add more skills and strokes and refine basic skills. Advanced will refine technique and work on fitness principles. Water Safety and recreation explored at all levels.

Financial assistance available for those who qualify

For more info on YMCA swim lessons contact Holly Hardy, Aquatic Director at 605-224-1683 or holly@oaheymca.org