YMCA Volunteers

Volunteers are essential to helping the YMCA live it's inclusive mission.

  • PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS- These people teach classes, coach youth sports and help with member services. 
  • POLICY VOLUNTEERS- These people give their time, talent & treasure to serve on the Board of Directors to set policy and drive our strategic plan.

Should you have an interest in serving your community as a YMCA volunteer please contact the YMCA CEO at 605-224-1683 or ajfabel@oaheymca.org.


Why I volunteer for the YMCA:

I volunteer for the YMCA because I was once a member of my local YMCA and I know that those years, and all the activities that I participated in, helped shape me into the man I am today. The volunteers and YMCA staff played a huge role in my childhood. I  have also learned that sports and activities are essential to the growth, maturity and heathy lifestyles of our youth.  The kids are our future, so investing in them is very important to me!  

Samson Boutchee


I am honored to be part of the YMCA volunteer program. It is important to invest time and energy in our youth that are the State's future.  These activities have a big impact on the choices kids make. 

Marty Jackley


It's easy to volunteer for an organization (the YMCA) that you can see does so many great things for children. Also the employees of the YMCA do such a great job it is only right to help out when they ask.

Todd Johnson