Adult Sports

Beginner’s Running Program


Join our Beginner Running Program and safely work your way up to running in 12 weeks. The program develops beginner runners through 12 weeks of brisk walking and jogging intervals. Beginner runners will work alongside recent graduates of the program, training to run a 5k race* (3.1 miles). In addition to running, we will also work through habits that will help you maintain your running, like stretching and strength training. The new friends you meet in the program will hold you accountable to the weekly runs! At the end of the program, new members will work up to running comfortably for 25-minutes straight., racers will feel ready to complete a 5K road race, and all participants will have confidence and motivation to keep moving forward. Kate Vandel will coach our Beginner Running Program. Kate is a long-time runner and currently preparing to complete her 9th full marathon.

*If you are currently able to comfortably run or run/walk for 25 minutes straight and want to join the 5k group, please join us!

This program will begin September 10th and will finish November 28th.  

The program will meet at the YMCA lobby on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:15pm. 

Cost of program is $40.00 for members and $55.00 for non-members. 

Deadline to register is Friday, September 6th – program has limited registration.


Co-Ed Volleyball


This group meets Sunday night for 10 weeks beginning October 6 and ends December 15. We will offer two leagues this  season, an “A” league which will be a competitive league and a “B” league which will be the recreational league.Get your team of men and women together and start getting some  exercise combined with a real good time.No records are kept, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that these teams don’t play to win! Registration begins September 9th, deadline is September 25th.  Cost is $135 per team.




The YMCA offers times for both men and women to play basketball. There is no additional cost to play except you must be a member of the YMCA or pay a guest fee.

Men’s:  All skill levels welcome, but prior basketball experience is required.  These games are competitive, but laid back and a lot of fun.  Please bring a dark and white shirt or jersey.  We play games to 15 by 1's and 2's.  Usually have 8-12 players.  Email bseiner@gmail.com to receive information via email.  

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – YMCA Gymnasium, 5:55 a.m. - 7:00 a.m. (1 hour 5 minutes)


  • Wednesday at 6:00pm



Did you know the YMCA has 2 racquetball courts? It does! So break away from your regular workout schedule and play a game of racquetball. It’s a great workout and a fun way to get some exercise. The YMCA has racquets you may borrow but you must supply you own eye protection.  THE YMCA RECOMMENDS THE USE OF EYE PROTECTION.  Members can reserve a 45 minute court time up to 48 hours in advance. Call the Y at 605.224.9622.  

Click Here for Equipment and Racquet Stringing Information



Take your volleyball game into the racquetball court with our Wallyball equipment. Reserve the west racquetball court [no more than 48 hours in advance] and bring in your group. Simply pick up the equipment at the front desk, set up the net and your ready for the most exciting game of volleyball you’ve ever played. Call 605.224.9622 to reserve a court time. A copy of the rules will be available if needed. If you have teams interested in playing on a walleyball league contact Beth at 605.224.1683 or beth@oaheymca.org.


Pickle Ball

One of the fastest growing sports that combines tennis and ping pong. Played in the gym on special courts it is a sport for everyone of all ages! Great for eye hand coordination, low impact exercise and just having fun! We provide all the equipment. Contact us for court times. For rules and more information on the game go to the official pickle ball website. THE YMCA RECOMMENDS THE USE OF EYE PROTECTION.

Pickle Ball Instructional Video