Final Thoughts

Here we go!  Be sure to line up with runners of your own pace. Walkers and slower runners should take a place near the back of the pack and those who have a chance at finishing near the top should position themselves near the front. The course will be marked with chalk and cones along with volunteers to help direct you where to go!

How much further? We want you to have fun with your race buddies! To help others that may want to pass, try to stay no more than two abreast. This is especially important on the narrow portions of the course. The outside “lane” is usually reserved for passing.  
A little HELP please!  If you see someone in distress on the course, report their bib number to the nearest water station and try to recall the approximate mile marker where you saw them.  Our incredible bike marshals and aid personnel will be on their way to help!  
Refueling:  Replenishing lost fluids during a race is crucial. Be aware of people around you when stopping at a water station.  Please step out of the way to get a drink or move in line with those that have slowed down to a walk.  And yes, dumping your water on your head is allowed and encouraged!   
Good job!  When you enter the chute, keep heading toward our wonderful volunteers who will get you water and sport drinks or to the med tent!  Then head to our food area to get refueled. 
Need a shower?  We’ve got you covered!  You can head to the Oahe Family YMCA at 900 East Church St. in Pierre if you are in need of shower facilities.  Let them know you’re a Road to the River finisher!  
The Cause:  This event helps support our Annual Y Partners Campaign.  The Y is the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community by connecting all people to their potential, purpose and each other. Working locally, we focus on empowering young people, improving health and well-being and inspiring action in and across communities.  Funds generated through this event help support our cause and ensure that nobody is turned away from Y programs or services.
Other questions?  Call 605.224.1683 or email Josh - joshd@oaheymca.org