The YMCA health and wellness programs serve everyone from Teens to Active Older Adults with different classes and other programs designed especially for different skill levels and levels of conditioning. If you would like to check out a class, the first visit is on us! Member orientations for the cardio area and weight room are advised for every new member. Personal training is also available by appointment. Contact Karla for information at 224-1683 or karla@oaheymca.org.

Click here for current land fitness class schedule: here.

If you wish to receive emails that only relate to Land Class Updates, please forward an email to Beth@oaheymca.org. This will not stop the regular emails you get for the general info for the YMCA but it will allow to get quicker, direct information on class changes etc.

Welcome to new staff:  Karen Reiser!!


Home Routine (Body Weight Strength)


Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program.  Please exercise at a pace that is safe and personalized for you! 

Here are 3 routines to pick from, combine or mix up anyway you wish.  Always alternate days when doing any form of strength training exercise.  Don’t forget to stretch!!


Warmup 5-10 Minutes -  It’s important to adjust the length or exercise to suit your individual needs.

(reps and length of each exercise will be your choice)


Shoulder Width Squats

Push Ups

Shoulder Width Squats

Bent Knee Leg Drops

Shoulder Width Squats

Push Ups

Shoulder Width Squats

Bent Knee Leg Drops

Shoulder Width Squats

Push Ups

Shoulder Width Squats

Bent Knee Leg Drops



Criss Cross Abs (alternating Elbows and knees)

Alternate Lunges Back Behind

Plank Hold

Criss Cross Abs (alternating Elbows and knees)

Alternate Lunges Back Behind

Plank Hold

Criss Cross Abs (alternating Elbows and knees)

Alternate Lunges Back Behind

Plank Hold

Criss Cross Abs (alternating Elbows and knees)

Alternate Lunges Back Behind

Plank Hold



Hold a Side Plank on  R and L

Alternating Lunges Forward

Basic Abdominal Crunches

Hold a Side Plank on  R and L

Alternating Lunges Forward

Basic Abdominal Crunches

Hold a Side Plank on  R and L

Alternating Lunges Forward

Basic Abdominal Crunches

Hold a Side Plank on R and L

Alternating Lunges Forward

Basci Abdominal Crunches




We Miss You All, Please Stay Active Anyway You Can!

Hope your enjoying the videos and finding other videos to watch.  We appreciate the positive feedback!




SATURDAY February 29th


 Thank You All, it was awesome!!!  59 attenders and 12 instructors!




Yoga Programing Tuesday Evenings!!     

This is exciting!!  Organizing weekly class sessions (single sessions or a series of Wellness Yoga) 

Such as:                                                                                                                                                            Cancer Warrior

Athletic Yoga

Power Yoga Challenge

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Restore Yourself

Myofascial Release Foam Roller/Tunic Balls


Reflexology Care

Balance Is Best

Just Stretch

100 Breaths of Yoga


    5:30-6:30pm                            Watch for class formats to be posted…



Yoga Basics

Thursdays 5:30-6:15pm


New instructor leading starting on March 5th

Jill Richardson is an Occupational

Therapist for Avera, 200 hours certified in yoga and she will do a wonderful job leading your through a basic yoga class! 



See the source image



2:00 – 4:00 PM

Rescheduling This Event!



Another amazing “specialty” yoga session to restore, heal and revive your soul.  Nyassa and Nidra will be incorporated into this class.

$10 Y- Members Registration starts February 26th

$15 Nonmembers Registration starts March 4th.   (Class LIMITED TO 15)                                           

Sign up on line or at the front desk. (Due to limited space this payment is non-refundable, unless you can sell your spot.)




Ladies Lift Class

Group Strength Training Class

Using dumbbells, bars, kettlebells & more…

M- 10:00-10:45am   W- 9:05-9:50am

Having a super turnout!!!




                                         Group portrait of happy people working out at spinning class while gesturing thumbs up in gym Stock Photo - 27208209 

Lots of cycling classes and combo cycling!!  Best bikes ever!



YMCA Yoga Wellness Staff are spending generous time attending yoga trainings, preparing for classes and attending your every need.   YMCA staff care about your health & well being!



3 Barre Classes


Thursdays 5:25-6:15pm

Saturdays 9:15-10:15am

Sundays 10:15-11:05am

This class involves total body toning through exercises that are high in reps, generally pulsing moves, using 1-4lb hand weights!

No complicated choreography!



Strength Training can be the ultimate package…

Cut, define & tone muscles-

Increase resting metabolism-

Elevates your heart rate-

Increase energy levels-

All in a strength training session!!

Y-Fit Strength/Condition Combo 6:00am Mondays/Thursdays

Ladies Lift 10:00-10:45am  Mondays/  9:05-9:50am Wednesdays

Cycle/Kettlebells 4:15pm Mondays

Chisel-Strength 5:25pm Mondays

Strength Express 12:10pm Mondays/Thursdays

Strength/Cardio Combo 5:45am Tuesdays

Challenge Condition 4:30pm Tuesdays

Core Max Core/total body toning 6:00amWednesdays

Corelaties 12:10pm Wednesdays

Chisel Express 5:10am Thursdays

Kickbox/Strength Combo 4:15pm Thursdays

Barre Toning 5:30pm Thursdays, 9:15am Saturdays 10:15am Sundays

Cardio/Strength Combo 8:00am Saturdays

Y-Fit Boot Camp in the gym 9:15am Saturdays-must pre-register at front desk- random dates offered

Seniors M/W/F 8:15am Strength/Condition

Yoga’s – Many yoga’s are full of total body strength!






Don’t forget how awesome this STRENGTH class is!


Mondays 5:25-6:15pm

Thursdays 5:10-5:50am


5 weeks of same strength training routine…week 6 shakes it up as a BUST Class!!

(Bust=Cardio/Strength intervals!

Then new routine starts for next 5 weeks!!








Marie Kent Singleto










Y-FIT Condition Circuit Workout

Saturday in gym

8:45-9:45am (intermediate-advanced)


   Instructor:  Emily, Jess, Heidi 






Every Wednesday @ 6:00am

Best creative core exercises you won’t want to leave out of your weekly workout regimen.




Paddle Board-Indoor on Saturdays

Have you seen the new indoor paddle boards? 

Watch for fall start up dates.  Time to head out doors on boards!  Contact Jess Burchill w/Endless River Paddling                 280 1210 or 224 6572

Click here for Paddle Board video





Sensible, Motivating, Awesome, Realistic, Terrific!

Most classes at the YMCA will offer instruction to reach a wide range of fitness levels. The participant must still make all the proper choices, during each exercise, to insure a safe and effective workout! Choosing the right class format and style of the instructor can be very helpful for finding the right fit.




So much for the Active Older Adults...at

9 Land Classes M-F and around 40 group water exercise classes, each week.

Plus an amazing track, cardio area, weight room, pickle ball, personal training and so much more!



Staff Needed!!!

Always looking to expand the Wellness Department staff for Group Instructors, Personal Trainers or Orientation Trainers. Especially looking for someone to PT many hours a day!

Possibly, 8am-11am, 7am-12pm, Evenings?

We provide training and certification (that would be reimbursed after 1 year of active teaching or training). Receive a free membership and or hourly pay!

For further information contact: Karla@OAHYMCA.org







Want Group-Boot Camp, Tabata, Conditioning...

(Advanced Group Workouts)

Y-Fit 6-6:50am Mondays/Thursdays & Saturdays 8:45am

Challenge Condition 4:30-5:15pm Tuesdays

Cycle/Tabata/Core 4:30-5:15pm Wednesdays




Wednesday 5:30-6:15pm

Thursday 8:15-9:00am (beginners)

Mondays 6:20-7:00pm Dec. 2,9,16


P O W!!

Combo Class!!

Kickboxing & Strength

Class will be re arranged different each week

25 minutes kickboxing-25 minutes strength or

Intervals, alternating few minutes of kickboxing then strength or

10 minutes kickbox, 10 strength, 10 kickbox, 10 strength…

Pow’r Of A YMCA Class!

                                              4:15-5:05pm Thursdays


See Ya At

Afternoon Classes

M-4:15-5:05pm Cycle/Kettlebell Strength

T-4:30-5:15pm Challenge Condition

W-4:30-5:15pm Cycle/Tabata/Core

TH-4:15-5:05pm "POW "Kickboxing/Strength




Pow’r Of Fitness!!

Mind/Body Wellness!

YMCA Yoga's For Everyday, Everyway!!

Monday: 6:00-6:45am Hatha Yoga 

Monday: 12:10-12:50pm Hatha Yoga

Monday: 5:30-6:30pm Hatha Yoga

Tuesday: 5:30-6:30pm Vinyasa Yoga

Tuesday/Thursday: 9:15-10:15 am Yoga/Stretch

Wednesday: 10:00-10:45am Chair Yoga

Wednesday: 12:10-12:50pm Barre/Yoga/Pilates (Core-Laties)

Wednesday: 5:30-6:15pm YIN Yoga

Thursday: Yoga Basics 5:30-6:15pm

Friday: 6:00-6:50am Hatha Yoga

Friday: 5:30-6:30pm YIN Yoga

Saturday: 9:15-10:15am Vinyasa Yoga

Sunday: 12:30-1:30pm Gentle Hatha Yoga (all levels welcomed)


         Say YES to YIN

This Yoga Class is held...

Wednesday 5:30pm, Friday 5:30pm,

YIN YOGA is a slow paced style of yoga, generally on the mat, with poses or Asanas, that are held for longer periods of time-3 minutes, or more, per pose is typical.

Benefits of YIN:

Stillness-calming and balancing the mind/body Stress and anxiety reduction

Increased circulation Improved flexibility Fascial release

Greater joint mobility Balance to internal organs


Best BIKES! No Impact Cardio!

Keiser M3i Bikes Super Great!!!!

Check out all the cycling Some Classes Fill, Don't Be Late!

Monday: 5:10-5:50am Cycling only

Monday: 4:15-5:05pm Cycle/Kettlebell/Core

Tuesday: 5:25-6:10pm Cycle/Core or Cycle/Tabata

Wednesday: 5:10-5:50am Cycling only

Wednesday: 4:30-5:15pm Cycling/Tabata/Core (express)

Friday: 5:10-5:50 am Cycling only

Friday: 5:30-6:30pm Cycling w/Randy

Friday: 12:10-12:50pm Cycling only

Sunday: 11:15-12:15pm Cycling only


We have a super team of Cycling Instructors @ the YMCA that know how to challenge and entertain you in every class. We spared no cost for the new bikes. They are the best around!!!

Having 16 bikes means we rarely turn anyone away!





KETTLEBELL CLASSES (YMCA instructors have had 2 Workshops Trainings on the kettlebells, plus in-house training sessions)

Monday 4:15-5:05 pm Cycle/Kettlebell Combo

Thursday 12:10-12:50 pm Kettlebell Group Strength

Many other classes use the Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Bars, Bands

YMCA Land/Water classes are included in you membership cost. This is an average of 80-90 classes a week, taught by caring/qualified instructors. It's the best deal around!!


Weekend Classes


8:00-9:00am Cardio/Str/Core

8:45-9:45am Y-Fit (advanced)

9:15-10:15am Barre Strength

10:30am Hatha Yoga


10:05-11:00am Barre

11:15-12:15pm Cycling

12:30-1:30 pm Gentle Hatha Yoga w/Yin & Meditation




Held in the Weight Room, Gym or Studio for Strength, Conditioning, Pilates/Core, Yoga, Cycling or Boxing.

Current Trainers: Karla Seyer, Brandy McBride, Gina Schuetzle. Shawn DeMaarias  For more information, contact Karla@OAHEYMCA.ORG


"CHISEL" very popular class, where most levels are easily welcomed, choosing the weight loads that are safe and challenging for each person.

M-Chisel 5:25pm    TH 5:10am Chisel Express

"BUST" Super Workout!

Strength/Tabata Intervals. Held after every 5th week of a Chisel Segment!