The YMCA health and wellness programs serve everyone from Teens to Active Older Adults with different classes and other programs designed especially for different skill levels and levels of conditioning. If you would like to check out a class, the first visit is on us! Member orientations for the cardio area and weight room are advised for every new member. Personal training is also available by appointment. Contact Karla for information at 224-1683 or karla@oaheymca.org.

Click here for current land fitness class schedule: here.

If you wish to receive emails that only relate to Land Class Updates, please forward an email to Beth@oaheymca.org. This will not stop the regular emails you get for the general info for the YMCA but it will allow to get quicker, direct information on class changes etc.




YMCA Members

2021 Fall Kick Off!!

Attend any or all!


8:00-8:25am       Cycling

8:30-8:55am       Strength

9:00-9:25am       Kicboxing

9:30-9:55am       Cardio Step

10:00-10:40am   Yoga/Stretch



September 25th




Restorative Yoga

9/26  12:30-2:00pm

Free to members, non-members $15

Sign up at front desk  to hold your spot!!



September/October Class Updates

Your attendance is important, in order for us to gage the class needs.   Start dates are listed below...please join us! 


Barre/Yoga Split 6:00-6:45am Mon. 10/4  (Hannah)


SilverSneakers 10:30-11:15am T/TH 10/5 (Shavonne)


Cycling 5:10-5:50am Wed. 10/6 (Tami)


Cycling 5:10-5:50am Fri. 10/8 (Heidi)


Chair Yoga 10:30-11:15am Fri. 9/17 (Carla)


Cycling 11:15-12:15pm Sun. 10/17 (Chelle)






Senior - Stand / Sit

Contest Winners

Over 13 minutes of 250 plus…stand and sits!!!


                                                              1st Dave Kruger   

2nd Joyce Larsen  

      3rd Donna Gutenkauf


Runner uppers…

Mary Meyer & Pat Brown


Worthy attenders include:

Pricilla Hofer, Judy Glawe




More Yoga...More Yoga...More Yoga       



11 classes a week “free” with your membership

Monday          5:30pm  Hatha Yoga - w/Tammy

Tuesday          9:15am  Roll, Release & Stretch or Hatha w/Karla or Kay

Tuesday          5:30pm Hatha w/Jess

Wednesday    9:15am  Chair Yoga - w/Anne

Wednesday    5:30pm  Yin Yoga - w/Carla

Thursday        9:15am  Yin Yoga - w/Anne

Thursday        5:30pm  Yoga Basics w/Jill

Friday              6:00am   Hatha Yoga - w/Tammy

Friday             5:30pm   Yin Yoga - w/Carla

Saturday        10:30am Hatha - w/Carla

Sunday           12:30pm Hatha Yoga - Instructors Rotate

YMCA Yoga Wellness Staff are spending generous time attending yoga trainings, preparing for classes and assisting your every need.   YMCA staff care about your health & well being!







Roll/Release/Stretch 9:15-10:15am T Myofascial Rolling

Core Max 6-6:45am W   Core Exercises

Y-Fit   4:30-5:15pm W  Conditioning

Pilates 12:10-12:50pm  Total Body Strength "CORE"

Zumba 5:30-6:15pm  W  Latin Rhythm/Hip Hop

Zumba 8:15-9:00am   TH  (seniors)

TRX w/Kickbox 4:15-5:05pm TH  Strength/Boxing

Yoga Basics 5:30-6:15pm TH   "new to yoga"

Barre Toning 5:30-6:15pm TH  More reps, Light wts.



And So Much More…

Cycling-non impact cardio

   Chisel-lifting weights


        Yoga's-12-14 per week

           Seniors- mid morning classes


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For ALL Ages!!

(Healthy Gut…Healthy Brain)


Don’t miss this wonderful “FREE” lecture by Sandy Jacobson-Pharmacist, Pierre SD.   Sandy can address many questions about nutrition, vitamins and healthy living.   Reset your health!


Friday July 9th @ 9:05am  Studio 1









Yoga Wellness Schedule-Mid Mornings

Summer Set Up for 9:15-10:15am  

Tuesdays Class will alternate each week from a Roll-Release-Stretch or a Hatha

Wednesday Chair Yoga (sit & stand only)

Thursday Yin Yoga




foam rolling       Yogi’s Guide To Choosing The Right Yoga Exercise Class



                        Roll & Release

SMR-Self Myofascial Release Classes

Feel and perform better!!    SMR alternates with a traditional yoga class T-9:15am

Who Needs This…Everyone!


This class will focus on self massaging the connective tissues (using foam rollers & therapy balls).  Equal time will be spent on traditional and yoga like stretching.

            Image titled Stretch Your Back Using a Foam Roller Step 9          Circuit | Fitness | Adults | Programs & Activities | Valley of the Sun YMCA


Have you been meaning to get to some Wellness Yoga Classes?

Check out the schedule and find time to care for yourself!

The YMCA instructors have well prepared, amazing classes.



Pow’r Of Fitness!!




Mind/Body Wellness!

YMCA Yoga's For Everyday, Everyway!!

         Say YES to YIN

YIN YOGA is a slow paced style of yoga, generally on the mat, with poses or Asanas, that are held for longer periods of time-3 minutes, or more, per pose is typical.

Benefits of YIN:

Stillness-calming and balancing the mind/body Stress and anxiety reduction

Increased circulation Improved flexibility Fascial release

Greater joint mobility Balance to internal organs


Yoga Basics

Thursdays 5:30-6:15pm


Jill Richardson is an Occupational

Therapist for Avera, 200 hours certified in yoga and she will do a wonderful job leading your through a basic yoga class! 


See the source image


Join These....


SATURDAY 10:30-11:30AM,  

SUNDAYS 12:30-1:30PM





Bonus Time


Stay and stretch a little longer if you can.  Please stay after the basic stretch segment for additional care!!  Bonus Time stretching will depend on which classes are able to present this segment. Check with the class instructor!!





P  I  L  A  T  E  S  Plus


Overall Strength


Muscle Tone

Posture/Spinal Support

Sports Performance

(Pilate Rings, Balls, Wts)

Wed. 12:10-12:50pm

New "Awesome" Format Prepared.  All  Levels Welcomed!!




Barre Class


This class involves total body toning through exercises that are high in reps, generally pulsing moves, using 1-4lb hand weights!

No complicated choreography!

        Thursdays 5:30pm - Happening Now!

More reps and sets using lighter hand weights!!


Watch for these classes and demo's!!

TRX-101, 102, 103

Strength training using your own body weight while holding on to straps.  The intensity is determined by the angle of each stance from the anchor point which makes it great for everyone to challenge themselves individually.  A tremendous amount of the core is engaged in all exercises.   TRX-101 is for the newer participant, TRX-102 average plus exerciser, TRX-103 Advanced Levels

Karla Seyer, Certified in Suspension Training.  In the process of training

all staff shortly before launching some classes.


April | 2015 | Sex, Soup, and 2 Fisted Eating



Classes are limited to 12 attenders in studio 1 and 2 while everyone has a sectioned off space to workout safely in.









                                         Group portrait of happy people working out at spinning class while gesturing thumbs up in gym Stock Photo - 27208209 

Lots of cycling classes and combo cycling!!  Best bikes ever!







Don’t forget how awesome this STRENGTH class is!


Mondays 5:25-6:15pm



5 weeks of same strength training routine…week 6 shakes it up as a BUST Class!!

(Bust=Cardio/Strength intervals!

Then new routine starts for next 5 weeks!!








 Colette Wagoner &

Kathy Hammond