Personal Training

The Oahe Family YMCA offers Personal Training for those that want to experience a more personalized workout. All sessions are conducted by Certified Personal Trainers using the YMCA equipment and facilities. Session times are set up to meet your individual schedule. Each session is designed for 30-60 minutes with the trainer. Trainers set workouts that meet the wants and needs of the individual.  Participants are encouraged by the trainer to workout at a challenging but comfortable and safe pace. It is suggested that you check with your doctor before beginning any physical workout routine. Personal Training is available to YMCA members only. For information contact Karla at 224-1683 or email at karla@oaheymca.org or stop by the front desk.


YMCA Personal Trainers (Strength/Condition): 

Karla Seyer, Gina Schuetzle     


Punch Cards Costs:

ADULT  Ages 17 and older   $16 (30 Minutes) $32 (1 hour)

Six-30 Min. Sessions $96.00

Twelve-30 Min. Sessions $192.00 

Four- 1 Hour Sessions $128.00

YOUTH  Ages 16 and younger   $12 (30 minutes)   $24 (1 hour)   

Four-30 Min Sessions $48

Six-30 Min Sessions $72

Four-1 Hour Sessions $96

Six- 1 Hour Sessions $144



Adult $16 / 30 minutes or $32 / 1 Hour - Meet with a trainer for a single session to learn a routine that you can work on for a few months and then re-book a training to learn a new routine.

Other Personal Training Options:  Trainings can be held privately in one of the studios.  These areas have a wide variety of equipment to training you for strength, condition, cardio, core (yoga/cycling/boxing)

Don't pass up a free ORIENTATION SESSION, with our orientation staff.   Stop by the front desk for an appointment.  This is free and you will receive a few sessions to learn the Nautilus or the Cybex machines!


Interested in becoming a Personal Trainer, please contact Karla@OAHEYMCA.org

Trainers are expected to be dependable, punctual and consistent with client appointments!  All trainers must have the pre-request of a certification in personal training, plus attend additional training sessions to prepare for becoming a qualified trainer for the YMCA.