Personal Training

The Oahe Family YMCA offers Personal Training for those that want to experience a more personalized workout. All sessions are conducted by Certified Personal Trainers using the YMCA equipment and facilities. Session times are set up to meet your individual schedule. Each session is designed for 30 minutes with the trainer. Trainers set workouts that meet the wants and needs of the individual.  Participants are encouraged by the trainer to workout at a challenging but comfortable and safe pace. It is suggested that you check with your doctor before beginning any physical workout routine. Personal Training is available to YMCA members only. For information contact Karla at 224-1683 or email at karla@oaheymca.org.






YMCA Personal Trainers (Strength/Condition): 

Karla Seyer, Jennifer Thompson, Brandy McBride, Gina Schuetzle, Shawn DeMarrias     

Personal Training Session Fees:  Most of the trainers will work with each client wanting 30 min., 45 min., or 1 hour. Shawn prefers 1 hour sessions only.

General Session Punch Cards with Karla, Jennifer, Gina, Brandy:

ADULT     $16 (30 Minutes)  

Six-30 min. Sessions  $96.00

Twelve-30 min. Sessions $192.00 

YOUTH   $12 (30 minutes)   

Four-30 min Sessions $48

Six-30 min Sessions $72



Shawn D. 1 hour Training Sessions Cards

ADULT        $32 (1 hour)

Four-1 hour sessions $128

Six-1 hour sessions $192

Eight-1 hour sessions $256

YOUTH      $16 (1 hour)

Four-1 hour sessions $64

Six-1 hour sessions $96

Eight-1 hour sessions $128


Just Need A One Time Training?  
Feel like your current routine needs more direction and balance. Contact us for a one time, one on one training. We can correct and improve your routine or create a whole new one. Cost is $16.00/ 30 min or $32 for 1 hour.. Contact Karla at 224-1683 or email.

Other Personal Training sessions,  "one on one" for Yoga, Core/Pilates, Cycling 30 minutes $16.00  1 hr $32.00 In The Aerobic Room Studio...
If you would like a private setting for your training session,
the aerobic room can be used, when ever a class is not offered.
We have a huge suppy of equipment in our studio to give you
a total body workout and more.  You will have access to bikes,
boxing bags, steps, jumpropes and all the strength equipment.



NEW  Introducing the Y's newest Personal Trainer, cyclist Randy Brich, and his Cycle with Power spin class.  Everyone has their own personal training zones, in watts, based on their unique fitness and cycling abilities. We estimate those zones via a simple 3 minute field test and calculate training zones for use during our normal spin classes (Friday 5:30 - 6:30 pm and Sunday 12:30 -1:30 pm).  Randy is seasonal.  If you'd prefer a one-on-one half hour session ($16 all proceeds go to the Y) with Randy to get oriented to the Keiser M3i bike and estimate your training zones inquire at the Front Desk or contact Karla at mrskseyer@hotmail.com.