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Masters Swimmers

Over 50,000 men and women nationwide, ages 18 to over 100, plus many more in countries around the world, participate in Masters swimming. Masters swimming is an adult aquatic fitness program for individuals who have chosen aquatics as their means of exercise for a healthier lifestyle. U.S. Masters Swimming programs do not discriminate between levels of ability or the individual goals of its members. There are many different types of swimmers. Some are highly competitive; others swim for fun or fitness. Some are open water swimmers and some are triathletes.

Masters Swim Clubs

A Masters Swim club is organized for the purpose of training, fitness, and enjoyment of swimming. You do not have to compete to be a member of a swim club. Clubs may operate in one individual facility or have workout times in multiple facilities. Workouts are usually under the direction of an on-deck coach. Clubs offer an opportunity to compete but competition in not required. Most importantly, clubs offer camaraderie and social opportunities to swimmers.