YMCA Volunteers

Volunteers are essential to helping the YMCA live it's inclusive mission. We basically have 2 types of volunteers:

  • PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS- These people teach classes, coach youth sports and help with member services. 
  • POLICY VOLUNTEERS- These people give their time, talent & treasure to serve on the Board of Directors to set policy and drive our strategic plan.

Should you have an interest in serving your community as a YMCA volunteer please contact the YMCA CEO at 605-224-1683 or ajfabel@oaheymca.org.

2016-2017 YMCA Board of Directors

Randy Turner, Karen Gallagher, Steve Ahlers, Betty Hanson, Becky Burke, Derk Campbell, Guilherme Costa,  Scott Darnall, Todd Douglas, Mike Fugitt, Neil Fulton, Kacy Gill, Mike Hofmeister, Tracy Keyes, DT Meyer, Deb Mortenson, Bob Riter, Dudley Rumrill, Nikki Schnabel, Melissa Shaffer, Slade Weller